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What Is factoring?

Factoring is a financial service, where future payments from your buyers are sold to a third party, the factor for cash. BeneFactors Ltd. is a Rwandan factoring company, providing tailored working capital solutions to firms.

We can work with pending invoices or purchase orders for delivery.  This means that you can continue working even if your buyers take a long time to pay or take on more clients at the same time - allowing you peace of mind as you grow your business.

Factoring can provide your business with a 70% advance on invoices within 5 days - you receive the remaining 30% (less a fee) when your buyer pays the invoice.

What are the requirements?

Filled application form, detailing what invoice(s) you would like to factor

  1. Copy of previous invoices to the same buyer

  2. Copy of the signed contract, against which goods or services have been delivered

  3. Filled invoice ageing report covering all your sales in the past six months

  4. A bank statement no older than 30 days

  5. Full registration details from RDB

It takes five working days for us to consider your case and disburse funds if approved.


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