How factoring and supply chain finance can help buyers

We provide affordable supply chain finance which benefits both buyers and suppliers. We  explore opportunities to work with your suppliers to help them stabilise and grow – and help you lower your supply chain risks and costs. This will help you achieve stability in your operations, lower your costs and improve your overall operational efficiency - at no cost to you

We offer factoring services, purchase order financing and other forms of supply chain finance, which provides cash to suppliers who have good contracts to deliver, or advances cash against deliveries already made but not yet paid for.

Because it is based on a contract to deliver, it is ideally suited to promote value chains and supply chains as a whole, benefitting both buyers and suppliers.

All our products are unsecured working capital products, meaning we do not ask for collateral. Instead, we assess creditworthiness based on the strength of the supply chain, its history and the creditworthiness of other players in the chain.  This allows larger buyers to support their smaller suppliers achieve stability and reduce risks.


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