Meet the team


Who we are

BeneFactors Ltd. is a specialised, non-bank financial institution, established in 2017 with the mission to promote private sector development in Rwanda. We are a for-profit company, registered with RDB, and we are a certified investor under the 2015 investment code. BeneFactors Ltd. offers specialised financial services supporting firms to shorten their cash cycles. Our services fill a specific gap in the Rwandan financial sector concerning working capital products and we seek to be the growth partner of choice for Rwandan firms, supporting the Rwandan economy prosper. 

We know that for many people, understanding financial products can be challenging and we take our ethical responsibility towards our clients very seriously. Therefore, we aim to be as transparent as possible and we tailor each deal to the needs of the individual firm. 


Boris Nzovu Mulisa

Boris Is the Account Manager for BeneFactors. Prior to joining BeneFactors Ltd, Boris was Sales Executive at a marketing agency and Sales Officer at MTN Rwanda. He's observant, eager to learn and fun to be around.


Cameron Pickett

Cameron is our Head of Operations. He oversees client relations, compliance, staff training and the general running of the business. He has previously worked with the US Department of State and Zidisha, an online microfinance institution.

Cameron holds an MSc in Development Economics from SOAS


Dinah Murungi Gakuba

Dinah is Marketing and Clients Relations Manager. Prior to joining BeneFactors Ltd. Dinah was a manager at a graphic design company in Kigali called D-Tech Systems, where she oversaw operations and led business development. She is currently studying an evening degree in Marketing at Mount Kenya University.


Crispin Karimba

He is currently working for BeneFactors ltd as Data manager & Analyst. Prior to joining BeneFactors ltd, Crispin was a data management officer at Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in Reinvestment & Investor aftercare department; worked as Monitoring, evaluation, implementation and project analysis at Research Moguls. He is passionate about data and always questions any piece of information to get an insight. A curious person and tries to give reason for anything that happen and very fun to be around.

When he isn’t glued to a computer screen, he spends time in football activities; playing and coaching his junior academy football team.

He holds a master’s degree in statistics with computer application from Annamalai University-India.


Jani Moliis

Jani is BeneFactors' Co-Founder and a board member. He has extensive experience from over 10 years working with McKinsey & Co, Deloitte and Accenture, as well as several years working as an advisor in Rwanda's public sector. He holds an MSc in Political Science from the University of Helsinki.


Inyambo Mwizerwa

Inyambo is our intern. He spends 80% per cent of his time in the Accounting dept the rest in basic general office administration support. He is really brilliant, enthusiastic, open minded and target-oriented. He is currently an ACCA student.


Mireille Tesire

Mireille works as a Marketing Officer for BenefFactors Ltd. She has her bachelor's degree (International Business) from Mount Kenya University


Florent Bizibishaka

He Is BeneFactors accountant. He is an ACCA certified professional accountant and has a bachelor degree of arts in economics. He is passionate about finance, accounting but mostly portfolio management. He is creative and loves adventures.


Patrick McSharry

Patrick joined as a co-founder late 2018, bringing over 20 years’ experience in applied mathematics and data science. He is a professor of data science at Carnegie Mellon University, and has been a senior research fellow at Oxford University since 2000, specialising in risk analysis, machine learning and the analysis of human behaviour. Since 2015 he has been based in East Africa, exploring the region’s particular data availability (and scarcity), conducting innovative research to get around the African data challenge and is currently also the Director for the African Centre of Excellence in Data Science.

Marie Josee.jpg

Marie Josée Tuyizere

Marie Josée is our Contract Manager. Prior to joining BeneFactors Ltd., she worked as service advisor intern at Akagera Business Group, and external relations assistant at Akilah Institute. She is a graduate from Akilah Institute.


Raissa Ishimwe

s the product owner of Benefactors Limited. She is a young professional and currently, a student at African Leadership University earning a bachelor’s degree in International business and trade. Prior to joining Benefactors, she interned with Clarity Communications.

She is an avid learner and a dynamic person

Olivia headshot.jpg

Olivia Bryanne Zank

Olivia is the company CEO and founder. She has a background in economics and financial development and previously worked as a Policy Advisor to the Minister of Trade and Industry in Rwanda. She has worked for four years in medium-sized enterprise finance in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. She holds an MSc in Political Economy with financial specialisation from SOAS.